The Ambrotype is one of the wet plate collodion processes in photography. It is a complex and challenging art form, that calls for a strong appreciation for the beauty and mystery of the process. This technique rewards those who are analytical and patient. It involves using old and carefully tended equipment, with a focus on the workflow – what the artist and the handmade process can create. The ambrotype involves a variety of materials and chemicals, involves utilizing carefully maintained, sometimes hand-made, equipment.
Last week, we had the opportunity to conduct our first ambrotype workshop at the RadLab Studio. As anticipated, we encountered several challenges during the image creation process. However, the outcome was remarkably thrilling. The images being sealed on glass brings a unique aura of enigmatic magic that seems to come to life on the other side.

This workshop is part of “Alternative Photography Processes” project, implemented with the financial support of the National Culture Fund, Bulgaria.