1. Complete the form to get the best film developing service for each film you want to process. Or download the same form, print it out, fill it up and ship it with your films.
2. Ship your films (shipment is for your expense) or drop them here at RadLab. You are very wellcome to come here!
3. After the films reach us, we will contact you with details for processing
– Films will be processed after an invoice is issued
– Scans are uploaded to our server and personal download link will be provided to you
– We can send you back your negatives (why not with a new film to shoot) or we can archive your negs and send them all back to you at the end of the year


Film Format: *
Developing process: *
Pull / Push (EV)
Scanning: *
Export File Type *
How do we get your films? *
How to give you back your negatives? *
Payment method: *

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