Our vision lies on the passion for making the darkroom processing, film photography and alternative processes accessible to all.
We offer wide range in-house services, from film development to printmaking, as well as providing classes to inspire and educate.


We develop most photographic film sizes, both color and black and white:

  • 35 mm films
  • 120 films
  • 4×5’’, 8×10”, 10×12” films
  • 110 and APS films

Silver-Gelatin Printmaking

silver gelativne printmaking radlab

If you are passionate about keeping your work analogue, we can offer you image enlarging in our lab on paper sizes up to 40×50 (16×20’’)


After your film has been developed, we can scan your images with EPSON V850 Pro scanner in various resolutions and formats as TIFF, JPEG or PDF


RadLab studio is equipped with 12-color CANON PRO-2100 printer capable of printing images up to 61cm (24’’) on the short side. For freaky accurate colors we created color calibrated profiles for each media we are using.

Digital Negatives Printmaking

Alternative processes are great for experimenting, but sometimes we aim specific look of our images. Its tricky operation to create a digital negative with full dynamic range, crystal highlights and deep shadows. Send us and image and we can create a digital negative for contact printing up to 60×90, using customized profiles for each alternative photography process.

Alternative Processes

alternative processes printmaking radlab

Are you curious how your photography would look as Salt Print or Cyanotype? Send us your image and we can print it using the following techniques on paper sizes up to 50 x 70:

  • Carbon print
  • Gum Bichromate
  • Salt print
  • Lith print
  • Gum Oil
  • Cyanotype


membership radlab

All of the above is great and you want to do it yourself? Feel free to contact us and become a part of our community with 24 hours access to RadLab facilities.


workshops radlab

Analog and emulsion-based photography is mystical and exciting. If you are interested in practicing in this field stay tuned for our in-house workshops with different topics and techniques.

You have a burning idea about a new project or experiment?
Share your idea with us and we will be stoked to help you out!

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