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RADLAB studio presents Lucid Eyes, an exhibition by Vesselina Nikolaeva – one of the leading contemporary Bulgarian photographers working in the field of narrative photography.
Lucid eyes is a series of portraits and landscapes from the coveted world outside – all taken in the last year. Printed in large formats, they create the impression of immediate human proximity. They seem to be more alive than some of the people we meet in our everyday life – especially when we need to layer medical masks on top of our social ones.
When was the last time you felt close to someone? How do you know that someone has decided to trust you? Can you read in someone’s eyes that you have been allowed in their inner world?
In the Lucid Eyes exhibition warmth and openness are not hidden under layers of social rules. The people in the pictures allow the viewer to step into their inner world – but they are also looking into him. Their look is relaxed and open, their eyes are lucid. And we feel the impulse to do the same – when we look at them, when we look at anyone around us. Their eyes are a physical reminder of what it means to love.

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