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The main goal of BLUE SUMMER project is to encourage students to interpret their lifes in nowadays  invironment of social isolation, using alternative photographic processes and analog photography. Analog processes in photography include capturing images on physical media – film, developing them in the laboratory and printing them on a positive paper copy. All these processes are preformed slowly, requiring patience and precise work in contrast to the hectic daily life in which we all find ourselves.
Teenagers with an interest in photography has the opportunity to take part in BLUE SUMMER. During the summer vacation  they will be working on their photography essays, that represent their world, which is inevitably affected by the Covid-19 pandemic,the consequences of which threaten the social model, reprogramming the personality and often leading to loss of identity.
Аpart from the lessions, related to the specificts of the analog photography, in the project program are also included a series of lectures related to photography’s nature as art and form of expression.

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